Wakestock 2006


After the success of the first ever Oakley launch pool during Wakestock 2005, the engineers hit the drawing board to reconfigure the pool. In hopes of making the pool more user friendly for both wakeboard and wakeskate. The final drawings were done and the new 2006 pool was designed and built. The new pool creation included a new third pool, all new stairs ledges, rails and four winches for a quicker turn around. The entire length of the structure was over 220 feet which is double what it was last year. One of the main bank rails was also made with clear Plexiglas, so the Oakley stretch line could be displayed and the first prize leather belts.

Danny Hampson, world-renowned Oakley Wakeskater, showed up to help out and keep all the athletes pumped. Danny unfortunately broke his neck 3 months ago and is on the road to recovery. Danny also gave the thumbs up on the choice for the Oakley girls this year. The girls were on site handing out Oakley tattoos and posters that the riders later signed.

Aaron Rathy won the Wakeskate best trick, which now makes it two years in a row. Even more impressive is that Aaron was in every single Wakeskate and Wakeboard events both on the lake and on the Oakley pool. He is the only athlete to do so and his results prove that he is on a global assault of the pro wake tour.

RESULTS: (Oakley Athletes in Red)

Pro Railslide

  1. Keith Lidberg
  2. Kevin Henshaw
  3. Keith Lyman
  4. Aaron Rathy
  5. Four tied for fifth

Wakeboard Expression session

  1. Phillip Soven
  2. Rusty Malinoski
  3. Jeff Weatherall
  4. Daniel Watkins
  5. Keith Lyman and Jack Blodget

Wakeboard Railslide- Wakeskate

  1. Reed Hansen
  2. Aaron Rathy
  3. Kyle Walton
  4. James Balzer
  5. Four tied for fifth

Oakley Launch Pool results: Wakeskate best trick

  1. Aaron Rathy