Oakley’s Aaron Rathy Throws Down, Cable Style, at Kansas Wake Park Series Stop


No boats, no worries.

Oakley team ripper Aaron Rathy obviously owns contests behind the boat. But behind the cable, he more than holds his own. At the recent WWA Monster Energy Triple Crown stop at Kansas City Watersports, Rathy charged and mesmerized the crowd with an absolutely massive HS900 off the kicker.

Nestled just outside Olathe, Kansas, KCW was stocked and ready for the event, with multiple kickers, a roof top rail, a-frame, the 100-foot Alliance flat bar and more for riders to throw their best tricks on. Once the pro men’s field was whittled down to 8, riders went head to head, until there was only one left.

Tom Fooshee, who has been dominating on the cable, stood atop both podiums in the end. But during a day full of non-stop action with some of the best cable heavyweights in the water, Aaron tied for fifth in the overall Pro Men results and ended the day with a third-place finish in the Ten-80 Pro Obstacles Only field. A great showing for one of our team stars – especially considering his best work is done behind a boat.

Check out the results:

Pro Men

1. Tom Fooshee
2. Lior Sofer
3. Marc Shuster
4. Kyle Cameron
5. Cody Johnson 5. Jimmy Lariche 5. Aaron Rathy 5. Bob Soven

Ten-80 Pro Obstacles only

1. Tom Fooshee
2. Kevin Henshaw
3. Aaron Rathy