Crew Challenge 2005


In the first week of August, the annual Crew Challenge Wakeboard contest went down in Canada’s Cottage Country in Muskoka, Ontario.

Since this was the first year Oakley had presence at the event, Oakley decided to both sponsor and built all the features. The idea behind Crew Challenge is to put together an industry team of five riders, who ride for 20 minutes on the pool to rail combo and the rail and jump water features. Also, it is necessary for at least one Wakeskater to be on the team.

If you have never seen any winch or pool events before, here is an overview: The rider starts on a starting deck and holds onto a rope that is either attached to a winch or, in this case, a Seadoo. When the rope is tight, the rider nods and the Seadoo takes off. The rider skims across the pool, pops an ollie and slides a trick down the rail into the lake.

To complete the Oakley team, we flew US Oakley super stars Keith Lyman and Canadian Junior World Champion Aaron Rathy. These stars were placed with Oakley Wisdom program athletes Jimmy Brace and Laura Duke, his girlfriend. At the end of the day, Team Oakley walked away in third place. Also noteworthy, Aaron Rathy ended up winning the best trick in Wakeskate

Once the event wrapped up, Chris packed up his pool and moved it down to Toronto for another Oakley-sponsored event. This event took place on the night of Wakestock, and was held inside a bar not far from the hotel that the athletes stayed at. The bar Wakeskate contest was sponsored by Coors Light and Oakley, and was the first of its kind; drawing approximately 2000 people.