Catching Up with Aaron Rathy

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If you were to try and sum up the 2009 season in one word, you might as well just say the name Rathy. From dominating contests, to leading the free-riding pack with countless progressive moves that were not even thought possible a few years back. 

Rathy has made himself one of the hardest working athletes in the industry, and he isn’t slowing down. Hungry and thriving off his success, from the spotlight aimed directly on him, to the financial stability his career is providing him. 

Who wouldn’t want to be traveling the world, riding a wakeboard in front of thousands of screaming fans. Though Aaron has taken the time to step back and look at the bigger picture, his focus is building his own image and making a name as, “the new face of wakeboarding for his time.”

Rathy has been backed by the Oakley since day one, through the tough and easy time’s, he has helped build and be a part of the most dominating, sought after team in the Industry.

Aaron recently just returned from China competing over sea’s, the contest’s are over and now it is time to relax and take it all in, we caught up with him and here’s what he had to say…

“I had alot of fun last January in Australia, we went on a road trip from sydney to melbourne hitting up contests, surfing everyday and doing demos.”

Q: So all the new 2010 Oakley product has just been released, what shades will you be rocking this year?

A: I dig the new shades! im going to be running the Dispatch frame, which has a cool interchangeable icon on the side so you can change the color of the O… pretty sick stuff!

Q: What is the hardest part about being a pro wakeboarder?

A: Always being “on it” the season doesnt really stop so its kinda hard to always be amped

Q:What is your favorite part of your job? 

A: Travelling, and getting to Wakeboard everyday

Q: Besides wakeboarding, what else are your hobbies? 

A: Skateboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding

Q: You recently just bought a new house in Florida, tell us about the new crib.

A: Yah Im stoked! Its right on the lake, I have 1.5 acres, and its pretty much my playground, we built a mini ramp in the back yard and i have a really good set up for B Ball, pontoon boat in the water to check out some gators. Its a real nice place

Q: Who do you typically ride with when you are at home in florida?

A: Harley, Nicola butler, Anthony Hollick, Adam Errington, Norbi Vasko, Phil Soven, Bob Soven, Jmmy Lariche, Kaesen Suyderhoud, and whoever else wants to come kick it

Q: You were recently on the Daily Habit which Airs tomorrow night, how did the filming of the show go? 

A: The filming went really good, it was fun doing it at Oakley with an audience and good to meet a lot of new people

Q: After winning move of the year this year, what kind of tricks you looking to try for next season?
A: I’m going to push my rail riding this winter, and off the wake I am not too sure yet, just gonna keep doing what I do and usually something just happens

Q: Any advice to the young riders out there trying to make it in wakeboarding? 

A: Don’t force your riding to much, just have fun with it and enjoy everyday

Q: Anyone you want to thank? 

A: Oakley, Byerly Boards, Rockstar, Performance


Jack Blodgett


October 23, 2009

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