Aaron Rathy on Cover of Wakeboarding Mag


Aaron Rathy’s killing it — no two ways about it. He finished third on last season’s King of Wake World Series and has been stomping switch toeside 1080s like they’re nothing. Now, he has a WAKEBOARDING mag cover.

Rathy had this to say about the experience shooting with Senior Photographer Bill Doster.

“Im super stoked on my first cover in the states! We shot it late February in Orlando and I wanted the shoot to be more of a summer feel. But as most people dont know February in Florida can be pretty cold. It was super early in the morning which isnt usually my thing but that morning was different, I was on point, and so was Doster.”

“He wanted a specific angle which meant we had to do it over and over, I wanted
either a method or a good stalefish, but after I poked my tail Bill lost it, started screaming, super stoked saying we nailed it! I guess it was one of those moments you never forget.”


Matty Swanson


June 18, 2009

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