Tanner Hall Injured, Heads to Surgery


On Saturday the 16th, Tanner Hall overshot a motocross-style jump at Stevens Pass, WA, while shooting for TGR. He four-point landed to his skis and then his hip. Immediately upon impacting the hard, flat landing, he came to a stop. At the scene of the accident, Tanner experienced severe pain in his right knee with moderate pain in his left. He was airlifted from the jump to the Stevens Pass base area, where an ambulance transported him to the Wenatchee, WA, hospital. According to TGR’s Todd Jones who accompanied Hall to the hospital, Tanner fractured his tibial plateaus in each leg and might have possible ligament damage. He did not sustain injuries to his back or head. Currently, Hall’s en route to Salt Lake City for an MRI and recovery.

“He is in really good spirits right now,” says Tom Yaps, Tanner’s agent. “In the 48 hours since the injury happened, the news has kept getting progressively better, so he is really encouraged by that. He is surrounded by lots of friends and family in Park City and we have been bombarded by generous offers of help and support from people who know him and all of his sponsors.”

As of yet, there is no estimate as to how long recovery will take.

“[We] really just want to get through the surgery and allow Tanner as much time as he needs so that he can come back and ski at the level he is accustomed to,” adds Yaps. “From everything the doctors have told Tanner and his family, he should absolutely be able to accomplish that. It’s just going to take a lot of hard work, and that is something Tanner has never been afraid of.”

“The situation is a bummer for Tanner, but he came off a huge winter,” says Oakley Sports Marketing Manager Greg Strokes. “No doubt he’ll recover and, with his work ethic, he’ll be back super strong. He will be determined to come back and slaughter. Everybody at Oakley wishes Tanner a speedy recovery.”

A crew of TGR athletes, filmers, and photographers has been at Stevens Pass for over a week filming for TGR’s new film, Re: Session. After a mix of rain and snow fell at Stevens Pass during the past week, the motocross-style jump was re-cut and shaped and the take-off and landings were salted for Friday’s shoot. In fact, both Tanner and Wiley hit the same jump on Thursday, the 14th, throwing back flips over the kicker in wet-snow conditions.

On a sunny, warm Friday, Wiley was the first to hit the newly shaped jump, and Tanner was the first to hit it since Wiley’s crash. Fellow skier Dash Longe speed-checked the jump with Tanner on Saturday, and he said they both expressed how they didn’t need too much speed to clear the 10-foot channel gap or the rounded knuckle, mindful of Wiley’s crash the day before. According to TGR athlete Dylan Hood, Tanner crept off the take-off and still soared well beyond the transition, landing in the flats before the transition to the next jump.

The Stevens Pass park crew, ski patrol and administration and the TGR crew acted professional, diligent, and timely in both cases. Moreover, TGR rehearsed and prepared for these specific situations earlier this winter during an avalanche workshop with their filmers, photographers, and athletes at Grand Targhee, WY.


John Stifter/Powder Magazine


May 19, 2009