Wakeboard Team Winter Update


A few of our athletes dropped in for an update on what they have been up to this winter season.

Team Rider- Amber Wing
Hometown- Sydney, Australia
Current Location- Sydney, Australia

I have been getting back into the water after tweaking my knee at Worlds. My specialist found I had bruised the bone, which is great and I didn’t need surgery. I was cheering! So after 6 weeks of resting, I started back into yoga 3 times a week and with my personal trainer 3 times a week. Just picked up my new Supra boat and have been back riding for about 2 weeks, really starting to feel strong.

This past weekend I competed in a rail contest at Bli Bli Cable Park. The format was 8 laps, throw down the best you can do on every rail. There were 15 rails in the lake, it was sick. I won; Jen Langton placed 2nd and Hayley Smith 3rd.

Summer is definitely kicking in down under and plans are in place for a very productive summer!

Team Rider- Aaron Rathy
Hometown- Nanaimo B.C. Canada
Current Location- Claremont, Florida

What’s up, well since the last contest in September, I’ve been taking it pretty easy. It’s been really nice to just freeride for a while and get some new tricks down for next season. I recently spent the last week and a half with Keith Lyman filming in the Philippines for the new wake film, “Global Warning.” We had a great time over there and got tons of footage for our sections. This winter I’m planning on heading to the South Pacific for the Australian Pro Tour, it sounds pretty dope, just a 3 week road trip with my friends, hitting up the contests along the way. Straight from AUS back to the Philippines to ride their unbelievable park for a month or two until things start kicking back off here in the States. Have a good winter!

Team Rider- Keith Lyman
Hometown- Southbridge, MA
Current Location- Orlando, Florida

What’s up world! The off-season is officially here but it has been an extremely productive one for me so far. Since Surf Expo back in September I have been to California to film for Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit, which aired on Halloween. I also did a clinic for Wakesports at the Carlsbad lagoon while I was out there. Then off to Las Vegas for a Kicker audio party and photo shoot, I was there for 3 days then came back to Orlando (home) for a night and turned right around and flew out the next morning to the Philippines to film for Ronnie Romero’s new film called “Global Warning”. We were there for 10 days and I just got home a couple days ago. My body is still all messed up from the time difference and my sleeping habits suck right now. Hope you all have a great holiday season.