Jackpot: Harley Clifford Throws down “Mobe 720,” Takes Down Double or Nothing Contest


He’s the first person on the planet to land it.

Oakley’s young Aussie ripper Harley Clifford threw down a dazzling heelside nosegrab mobe 720 at Parks Bonifay’s 2010 Double Or Nothing Double-Up contest in early September to top the field of the sport’s absolute best.

The spirited contest is an industry showcase for the most technical tricks that wakeboarding has to offer – featuring the sickest new moves and a collection of the world’s best riders that vote for the winners. The big prize: A good $10,000 for the winner.

Following a day of hanging out on Orlando on Sept. 9, the Double or Nothing panel of judges convened to choose the rider who’d be crowned by his own peers. The top moves that were examined included a double half-cab roll by Parks Bonifay, a switch toeside 1080 by Rusty Malinoski and Harley’s trick. The mobe 720 was a move that was introduced (not completed) by Andrew Adkison a few years back, but no rider in the world has been able to land it until Harley.

Sufficed to say, Harley’s aerial antics catapulted him to the very top.

“I was super nervous coming into this contest, cause I was getting beat up on double ups every day,” Harley said. “But it ended up being the most fun contest ever and I was super pumped to take the win, especially with the caliber of riders that were on hand.”

The feat just adds to his laundry list of accomplishments…one fine collection for a guy that’s only been on the planet for 16 years. Despite his age, no one can doubt that he’s helping to push the sport to new levels – which bodes well for the future of Wakeboarding…and Harley himself. He’s already considered one of the very best.

“Hands down I feel that this year’s Double or Nothing was by far the best one yet. Not only was the location epic with bright blue water and its own double up island, but the actual double was the best it’s ever been,” said Bonifay of his contest this year. “So big and consistent which made it really easy for the guys to huck their tech moves. Every rider out there was really putting their body on the line to take it down. Guys were even getting snapped off practicing for it. Everybody just wanted it more it seemed like this year!”

Congratulations to Harley for continuing to show the Wakeboard world why he’s set to be an industry leader for years to come!

Scope out the video of Harley’s trick (Finalist for the Oakley Move of the Year Award at the Transworld Wake Awards):


Andrew De Lara


September 20, 2010

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