Catching up with Nick Davies


Q- What’s you’re story Nick, where are you originally from? How did you get involved with wakeboarding?

A- I’m 20 years old and From Chertsey in London. I got into wakeboarding through a Friend at school, he mentioned it to me and I gave it a try. I think it was just one day after school, I was hooked instantly and have not stopped since.

Q- You seem to be the one of the busiest wakeboarders out there. How many different country’s and trips do you think you went on this year.

A- 2009 has been a really busy one with all the tour’s on cable and boat. I was representing for Great Britain all over the world. I wish I could tell you how many different places I have been this year, I’m completely lost on where I am and what date and time it is! " haha ".

Q -Any idea how many miles you flew in the 2009 season?

A- I just recently got hooked up with the air miles! It’s been so long, but I finally pushed myself to do it. I have been flying like crazy, and 2010 will be just as busy, 2011 and on, so I will catch up!.

Q- You are known as one of the best cable riders in the business, but you seem to hold your own behind the boat as well. What is your favorite part of wakeboarding? Boat, cable, rails?

A- Yeah I try to ride both sides of it. I love them just as much as each other, but I did start on the cable. So I call myself a cable rider instead on boat, but I the last couple of year’s I have been riding allot of boat, competing, free riding, photo’s, filming etc, and its been incredible!. For the cable, rail’s, air-trick’s and kickers are all so much fun! I ride around for hours every day hitting every thing about 20902390 times and learning new things instantly and pushing myself with all my mates riding.

Q- What is the riding like back home for you? What lake and who do you usually ride with?

A- Yeah, I love riding back at home in the summer it has an amazing vibe! Every one is riding, and enjoying it. I love competing against all the boys I started with etc.
I ride At Princes Club where I first started my wakeboard career,i ride cable there as much as I can in the season and a bit in winter if I’m around.
As far as behind the boat, I normally ride down at the Quays, which is a great spot! It has a nice lake and the best wake in the U.K! I only live 20-30 minutes from both, so its not a huge mission for me.

Q- You did really well competing this summer, can you give us some of your results from the contest’s.

A- 2009 has been a great year winning the worlds on cable which was sick as it was by far the hardest contest so far especially with all the crazy rider’s in it!
Then a few other event’s winning with Wakestock in England, and coming 1st in a few tour stop’s on cable. I also did a number of event’s in England on the boat, and cable. I made it on the podium most of the year. Its been sweet and hope for the same for next year.

Q- What do you like to do when you aren’t on the water?

A- I do allot of trampolining, hanging out with mates, being on a plane somewhere, heading cool places. eating different food’s in some weird places! I am still waiting to try the snakes blood. Of course I’m always on the good old face book!

Q- How many facebook post do you think you write in one day?

A- " haha "…. allot! Pictures, videos, tag’s, pokes, all of it! its all good though, I am always on so I get to keep up with it. Although If I did leave it for a week, I would not be able to catch up! no lie!

Q- What kind of music do you listen to?

A- Music…. Erm. all of it, I know when people say that, your like come on! something? But I really do listen to it all. Christmas tunes are probably my favorite, there the best,
even in june!

Q- What are your goals for next season?

A- My goals for next season is probably to do the same as this year! with winning contest’s etc. I would like to have more time for free riding, as this year was hard to do because I was on a plane 24/7. I will try to learn loads of new trick’s and enjoy it as much as this year.

Q- After traveling all over the world this past season, which was your favorite destination you went too?

A- Probably the Philippines, I am here now again at the moment and this place in just amazing!. 100% perfect! the people here are really friendly. the cable. boat, winch parks every thing! is sick!;) and its really hot all the time. and really cheap massage’s so that’s always nice to have after getting K.O after riding..

Q- If you could pick one destination that you haven’t been to for wakeboarding. Where would you go?

A- I really want to go to Hawaii as I’ve always wanted to go there since a child, and now I heard there are a few riding spot’s there. I still would like to go somewhere in Cali! Still till this day have not been, so need to make sure I get out there very soon…

Q- Who are your current sponsors?

A- Oakley. Hyperlite. Oneill. Relentless . Princes Club. Republic . Rixan
and thanks to all of you for all the support and help you have gave me;)!..

Q- How long have you been on the Oakley team? How did you first get involved?

A- I have been on Oakley on the U.K Team for a few year’s now. But just recently I have been out on the Global team which is Sick! Its crazy to be with all the rider’s I been watching since I was just a Kid! I got involved with Oakley after a rep spotted me at the cable. He put me me on the U.K wake team! It’s been great they have been looking after me and getting me Products! I am Stoked, so Thank you!

Q- What is your favorite Oakley product you have at the moment?

A- I have been rocking out with the Jupiter’s, but there is not one Oakley pair that I do not like, they are all so sick!.

Q- Do you have any advise for up and coming wakeboards trying to make the pro ranks?

A- Have fun! Push your self, don’t get stressed out, and keep at one trick before moving on as its hard, get it done, then move on bigger and better.

Q- What do you think is your biggest inspiration for wakeboarding?

A- Anyone who is loving what there doing, pushing themself’s and has a good attitude for the sport.