I have been the outside sales rep for Kansas for the last 7 years. I just picked up Nebraska on top of Kansas. Bob Garlick, the previous owner of Marine World in Wichita, Kansas gave me a opportunity back in 1994 to work at his MasterCraft pro shop. I really got started before wakeboarding was popular. I remember riding the old “surf style” wakeboards and also remember the first twin tip, the Wake Tech Flight 69 when it rolled into the shop. We were the first wakeboard pro shop in Kansas. In 1999, Aarne Clow from MasterCraft Boats gave me a opportunity to start a shop in Kansas City. I did so until I started working for Oakley in Dec. of 2000. I had been around Oakley products at the retail level since the early 90’s so I was very excited to get the opportunity!

Kansas has alot of great supporting accounts. I am fortunate to have so many. As far as the wake scene here, we are also fortunate that west of the river here in Wichita, there are a bunch of little sand pits. That has supported the ski / wake scene very good around here. The public lakes are not the best if there is any wind. Pretty flat in these parts.

The boat is a 2008 MasterCraft X Star.

Sean Puckett Oakley Sales Representative

Q & A

  1. Who or what inspires your riding?

    Honestly, the kids getting into the sport. I love the grassroots side of the sport. There is a kid here who many years ago I sold his first wakeboard to him after he mowed yards all summer to purchase it and now is one of the top riders in the Midwest. That is what I love.

  2. What are peoples reactions to the custom paint job?

    It definitely turns heads. At the public lakes, all kinds of people come over to look at what it is. Most people think it is painted on and can't believe it is a decal covering the boat. The traditionalists do not care for it. They only like plain graphics. The majority of people respect the unique factor it has.

  3. Explain the graphic?

    My boat was patterned off of the limited edition Oakley GasCan and Boardshort flying tiger theme. The front of the boat has white and blue stripes that fades to a real dark green back. In the middle of the boat is the "Flying Tiger" skull with wings outline. There is also a Push Process, MasterCraft, and Oakley logo on each side.

  4. What made you decide to buy a boat?

    Being around boats for many years, I kind of quit the boating scene for a few years. We had a little boy, Braden, in 2001, and I wanted him to be around the scene at a early age so 3 years ago, I got on the program with MasterCraft and have been doing a new X Star every year since.

  5. Why MasterCraft?

    I honestly think MasterCraft makes the best boat. I was selling against competition for quite a few years back in the 90's and I believe in MasterCraft products. I have a ton of respect for Aarne Clow and for the company. MasterCraft is a big part of where I am today.

  6. Has the boat helped you in your sales territory?

    Definitely! It is a conversation tool and next week will be there for show at a large event one of my accounts is holding that they are expecting 500 people. The week following we are doing a event with Red Bull for Kansas riders and one of the local universities so it has and will in the future help for sure.

  7. Where did you buy it?

    The boat was purchased at Marine World in Wichita, Kansas.

  8. Where is your favorite place to ride?

    Go Lake. Our 40 acre sand pit

  9. Best part of working for Oakley?

    All the people who work for Oakley from my regional sales manager, Mark Masanovich to my inside guy, Eric Paplia, to Matty who makes things like this happen. I have made many life long friendships because of Oakley inside and outside of the brand.

  10. Wakeboard or wake surf?

    Love to still think I can wakeboard decent but since I just turned 35, the wake surf falls feel much better. I like both.

  11. Houseboat or tent?

    I'm married......Houseboat.

Flying Tiger Blue


Many thanks to Matty for getting this project going, Josh and Trevor at System AVD for making a killer product, and my old friend Aarne Clow at MasterCraft.

Date of Birth:
February 15, 2008
Wichita, Kansas
MasterCraft, Marine World Wichita, Kansas, Oakley Sports Marketing Wake, Red Bull, Ronix
Double ups, glassy water, going to the gas station, photo and video shoots, chase boat, athlete demo's, pulling first timers

Career Highlights

    • 08 - Wakefest, Ride and Slide, Hyperlite Tour, Red Bull events

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