Oakley and 1242 Productions’ latest HD action sports film showcases the progression of wakeboarding and wakeskating through a travelogue of the world’s best riders. Join these athletes as they chase down perfect water in the world’s most exotic locations.

Collaborating with acclaimed filmmaker Justin Stephens and graphic artist Chase Heavener, Oakley’s “Push Process” combines experimental cinematography, editing and animation graphics with the most progressive riding ever documented on the big screen.

Oakley athletes Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Andrew Adkison, Amber Wing, George Daniels, Danny Hampson, Dallas Friday and Jack Blodgett are more than just the stars who create the epic footage-they are members of the production team, all playing pivotal roles in the project since day one.

Shot exclusively in HD, Push Process takes viewers on a quest to Australia, South Africa, the Florida Keys, Cuba, Minnesota, the Amazon, Canada and beyond.

The ride of your life begins at the World Premier, November 10 at Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA.

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    • May 11, 2008
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  2. "Having a solid and creative support system has become a key ingredient in every film I've worked on,”. Putting in the time and energy to assemble the best crew yet is something we are very proud of. I can honestly say I'm more excited than ever to show everyone what we have going on right now." "Push Process" has become more than a video project; it has become a simple realization of what we can all accomplish together as a team, a crew, and family. I think that it's safe to say that during this project everyone involved learned a little bit more about what they are capable of, on and off the water...especially our friends and families. See what we saw, and feel what we felt...then grab your people and go ride!”

    Justin Stephens - Director / Owner Company Wakeboards - St George, Utah

  3. “I told Matty from the time I first signed with Oakley in 2003 that we needed to get Justin Stephens on our side. He did, and now you can witness the best team video in the business. Letchworth is the guy who came up with the name Push Process. He noticed what happened when we, the athletes, got together and motivated each other. Push Process is the perfect name. Oakley knows the dedication us riders put into what we do, and wanted that to be portrayed in their first ever wake video. That’s why they got the most passionate, most innovative media personnel involved in this project. Justin, Chase, and Letchworth made it happen."

    Keith Lyman -Professional Wakeboarder - Southbridge, Massachusetts

  4. "Push Process is a detailed account of what it’s like to be involved with an underground movement. The movie is about the process of pushing our team to new heights, setting goals resulting in groundbreaking moments within the sport of wakeboarding. The story we tell about Oakley, is about a brand who is defining the next generation of the sport. Our momentum has infected the global wake community through the diversity of our team and the benchmark has been set high again to challenge ourselves. The result is Push Process, a team movie. Welcome to Sports Marketing"

    Matty Swanson - Executive Producer / Sports Marketing Manager - Lincoln, Nebraska

  5. “For me, the push process started long ago. There was a moment that the camera evolved into my set of eyes. From that moment on, I had a reason to be inspired and a purpose to share that inspiration with others. I had found self expression. "Push Processing" is a photographic technique that is used when your desire is "to push the limitations of film during processing in order to get more exposure out of it". Like with so many things in life, we are taught to stop at the point where expectations become cloudy. It's just easier to predict the results. However, it's those times when we step beyond those lines in attempts of achieving something extraordinary, that we really feel alive. That's all this film really is to me. In perfect symbolism, those involved in making this film lived every moment outside of those lines. To be around people that live their life that way in truly inspiring. Each person, feeding off of one another, unaware of the magnitude of influence they've created as a whole. And the results, as I mentioned before, something extraordinary.”

    Josh Letchworth - Photographer - Lake Mary, Florida

  6. “Very few boardsport films live up to their titles or have any real connection with what’s presented to the viewers. The Push Process definitively lives up to its name through the performance of the entire Oakley team. Everyone from the athletes, producers, to Matty Swanson pushed the limits of their abilities and sanity in order for this project to come to fruition in line with the vision they set out to capture. As a media partner of the Push Process, Alliance was honored at the opportunity to capture the international undertaking and see first-hand how dedicated this Oakley team really is.”

    Corey Marotta - Alliance Wakeboard Magazine / Partnerships - Encinitas, California

  7. “When Matty Swanson approached me last year to get involved with The Push Process it was truly a no brainer for me. Beyond us having some of the same riders on my team, it was a going to be a privilege to work with such a solid organization like Oakley. Matty, the crew and all the riders have out done themselves with this film and I am honored that MasterCraft Boat Company was involved! It gave me chills seeing the movie with amazing footage all over the world. Oakley had the vision and I’m just glad we could be there to pull.”

    John C. Behling -MasterCraft Boat Company - Director of Marketing

  8. “CWB is proud to have our premier athlete in an equally premier caliber film like Push Process. For the past year I have wanted to get on board with Oakley and this project. Andrew Adkison has been excited at all stages before, during and after every shoot for the film. Working with Oakley has been easy because I had the confidence that Oakley and Push Process would deliver by exceeding expectations while pushing and sparing no expense to make it the best wakeboard film to date.”

    Jay Quam- CWB Board Co. - Marketing Director

  9. “The combination of work ethic and technical skill of the Oakley wake team along with the creative vision of Justin Stephens and Chase Heavener make Push Process one of the most highly anticipated wake movies ever."

    Adam Levitt - Editor / SBC Wakeboard Magazine - Toronto, Canada

  10. “Filming for Push Process is one of the best things to happen in my career. I had the best wakeboard trip in my life. We rode in a place where not one person had ridden before us, perfect water. This movie is going to blow peoples minds.”

    Marcelo Giardi - Pro Wakeboarder - São Paulo, Brazil

  11. “Having worked with Justin for several years at Liquid Force, we know what he’s capable of… he’s won all sorts of awards with our projects and from what I’ve heard, Push Process is shaping up to be his best film yet. He prides himself on not only making the best wake films you’ve ever seen… he strives to deliver the best action sports films you’ve ever seen! If you’ve seen the teaser for Push Process, you know what the whispering is all about… Justin and the crew from this film are going to once again raise the bar for action sports films!”

    Don Wallace - VP of Sales and Marketing / Liquid Force -Encinitas, California

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    • November 10 World Premiere at Oakley
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    • MasterCraft Sponsors The Movie Tour With New Boat
    • X Dance Nomination for Best Core Film
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