Wakeboard Articles by Date

July 2009

  • Danny Hampson Oakley Testimonial


    Posted about 5 years ago by Danny Hampson

    Riding for Oakley has been the single greatest opportunity in my career. Over the past seven years the brand has stood behind me through every step of my progression as an athlete and person. From traveling the world to winning Rider Of The Year, Oakley has been the catalyst that has allowed it all to happen.

  • Rolling O Lab At Wake US Nationals


    Posted about 5 years ago by Matty Swanson & Jack Blodgett

    The Oakley HD Polarized tour and Rolling O Lab rallied at the 2009 WWA Wakeboard Nationals. With summer temperatures reaching 100 plus degrees. The weekend crowd of over 6,000 spectators were used to the heat and humidity. As they disregarded the “stay indoors” and “heat wave” alerts all over the community. Die hard fans there to support their favorite riders, no matter what the temperature.

  • Rathy Lands Backside 900


    Posted about 5 years ago by Aaron Rathy

    I recently was the first person to land a backside 900. And have been getting asked lately why am I trying such hard tricks. The answer is to progress wakeboarding.

  • Amber Wing First Woman To Land Heelside 720


    Posted about 5 years ago by Amber Wing

    Pretty ordinary day in life of Amber Wing. I headed down to the wakeboard camp, and had not arranged to ride today. I pull up and Ben Greenwood walks over and informs me that Jon from The Wake Place is here and wants to film some ladies riding in particular. Ben also mentioned that he has already told Jon that I will land a toe 7 for him. No Pressure.