Wellington Repeats As Champion - Flat Tire And All!


Chrissie Wellington is unlike any other competitor in the women’s field at Ironman. She is solid all-around in the three disciplines, never gives up and is always smiling.

This year, Chrissie came in as the favorite after winning the Ironman the previous year as a virtual unknown. Wellington admitted to feeling a bit nervous before the race to Oakley Sports Marketing Manager and former Ironman World Champion Greg Welch.

Out of the water Wellington was not far off the lead and by the 30 mile mark of the bike was in first place. But then disaster struck with one of her spokes puncturing her tire and with the bloody Co2 canister not working to fix the hole she looked to be out of the race. After a few minutes went by Oakley teammate Rebekah Keal noticed her fallen racers situation and pulled over to give Chrissie her Co2 canister. Within the 11 minutes Wellington was out, she was back on her bike charging to the front of the pack.

As Chrissie rounded the corner on her bike heading back to the pier she was in first place again and by a lot. The next female competitor was over seven minutes behind her… how could she make up such time?

Well, Chrissie had a special form of motivation this year with her grandmother passing away from cancer only nine weeks ago. Wellington kept her granny close to her heart all race long and wore the Oakley Enduring Pace Breast Cancer Awareness sunglass in her honor.

Chrissie would go onto set the course record in the marathon portion by finishing in a blistering pace of 2:57:44. Giving her a total finishing time of 9:06:23, so if you calculate in her 11 minutes on the side of the road Wellington would have easily broken the course record on Saturday. Guess Chrissie has a new form of motivation for next year on the lighter side.

In addition to her win, Wellington also took home the Timex Ironman Watch Bonuses in both the bike and run.