Oakley Media Night In Kona


Kicking off the 30th anniversary of Ironman, Oakley invited a select crew of Media / VIPs to enjoy the Safehouse – beachside. In the usual Oakley fashion the house and yard were decorated to a tee with branding that ranged from flags to banners to past Oakley Ironman champion poster boards to a custom eyewear bar.

The Media / VIP list was tight, but Kevin Mackinnon, Managing Editor of Ironman.com found his way in and was stoked to make it. “There was no way I was missing this… make sure you say hi to Oakley Canada for me,” said Mackinnon. With a little over 30 people in attendance the music started to bounce and an amazing spread of catered food was put out for all to enjoy. A big thank you needs to go out to Oakley Hawaii Rep, Jason Sakamoto for dialing in the safehouse, food and entertainment here in Kona.

Over the course of the night all media built their own custom Radar and Enduring glasses with the help of Oakley RSM Joe McNulty. In addition to the great custom eyewear piece, two display cases showcased the latest eyewear Oakley is dropping in the coming weeks. One very special series aligns perfectly with the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Edition pieces: Enduring & Ravishing.

Tomorrow Oakley with select Media will set sail in a 52 foot boat for some polarized fishing about five miles off the coast of Kona for marlin and tuna. This trip should make for a great story and even better photos, so stay tuned.