Frederik Van Lierde is a Belgian triathlete who has amassed quite the resume over his racing career. Coached by another Van Lierde, Luc, Freddie has been able to tap into the expert knowledge of his mentor. Although they are not related, the Van Lierde boys have created quite the duo. Luc, a two-time Ironman World Champion and former world record holder himself has helped Freddie hone his skills and bring him to the top level of the sport.

Frederik got a taste of the Ironman World Championship podium when he placed third in the 2012 race in Kailua-Kona. Determined to better his already impressive finish, he went to work, training hard for that top spot. In 2013, he got his prized possession, blowing away the competition for his first Ironman World Championship crown.

Freddie is married to wife Sophie, with whom he has two children. Van Lierde enjoys watching his two kids play sports when he is not training hard or racing.

Q & A

  1. When did you first start training in life? Where and why?

    In my hometown Menen, at the age of 7 years I started swimming,

  2. What got your into the multi-sport arena?

    My idol and example, Luc Van Lierde, after his win in Kona in 1996.

  3. When did you turn pro?

    February 2003

  4. What are the events, wins, memories that stand out most throughout your career so far?

    For sure my most recent win in Kona, Ironman World Champion 2013

  5. What is your best discipline and why?

    The bike, I can decide or control a race on the bike.

  6. If you had a discipline that needed work, which would it be and why?

    The run, a faster run pace is always better.

  7. Your favorite distance?

    Ironman distance - the only distance I’m really competitive on a Wworld level.

  8. If there is one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    Precision and serious work

  9. Who was your inspiration growing up:

    Within your sport:
    Luc Van Lierde
    Outside your sport:
    My dad

  10. What has driven you to work super hard and rise up beyond mediocrity?

    The ultimate dream to win big races!

  11. Are you a rebel? Why or why not?

    Not really, I love to get things organized.

  12. What is your favorite course?

    Ironman France, the most scenic bike course in the world.

  13. If you weren’t killing it in the tri scene, what would you be doing for a living?

    Teacher in sports

  14. What is a hidden talent you have other than your sport?

    Drinking beers ;-)

  15. What is the best song to practice to?

    Euphoria (Laureen)

  16. If you had to share a hotel room/apartment with one Oakley athlete, who would it be and why?

    Craig Alexander, 3-time Ironman World Champion. Tons of respect for him, great personality and friend.

  17. People would be super surprised if they knew that you…

    don’t have any sense of smell.

  18. Perfect date…

    My wife, on a holiday in a beautiful setting without any triathlon gear.

  19. Your Favorite…

    Food: All sorts of pasta
    Vacation Spot: North of Spain
    Airline: British Airways
    Candy: dark chocolate
    Sport (Besides your own): Mountain Bike
    Music Genre: Dance
    Movie: The Hangover 1 – 2 and 3

  20. One word Association:

    Swim: wet
    Bike: fast
    Run: fun
    Fun: dance
    Victory: forever
    Foe: hate

Frederik Van Lierde


Believe in yourself and race smart.

Date of Birth:
May 25, 1979
Menen, Belgium
Oakley, Belgian Defence, Oils Service, IRS-Btech, Aragas, Cervelo, Mavic, Castelli
Watching my kids playing soccer

Career Highlights

    • 2 time winner Abu Dhabi int. Triathlon (2011-2013)
    • 3 time Ironman France winner (2011-2012-2013)
    • 3rd - Ironman World Championship Hawaii 2012
    • Ironman World Champion 2013