Sebastian Kienle is a German triathlete and an absolute machine on the bike. While it is not his only skill in the three discipline sport of triathlon, the bike is definitely where Kienle excels above the field. He can be found cranking powerful rides, to the speeds at which his competitors can only hope they can catch him on the run.

Kienle began his triathlon career competing in XTerra events, winning his first ever competitive race. In 2009, he won Ironman 70.3 Germany, holding off 70.3 World Champion Michael Raelert.

In 2012 Kienle made a real name for himself amongst triathlon’s elite when he took the Ironman 70.3 World Championship title in Las Vegas and 4th place at Ironman World Championships in Kona a month later. The German would repeat his Half Ironman World Championship in 2013 and move up a spot in Kona, to take third for his first podium at the big race.

There is no doubt Kienle is just getting started. Many project him to be an Ironman World Champion in the near future. Be sure to keep your eyes on Sebastian (if you can keep up).

Sebastian Kienle


"Your body can do much more than you think, but only if your mind has control over your body."

Date of Birth:
July 6, 1984
Mühlacker, Germany
Magic Sport Food, Dietrich, Biestmilch, Orca, Scott, New Balance, Oakley Sram, Zipp

Career Highlights

    • World Champion Ironman 70.3 (2012 + 2013)
    • 2013 - 3rd - Ironman World Championship Kona
    • 2012 - 4th - Ironman World Championship Hawaii
    • 1st - Ironman 70.3: Miami 2011, New Orleans 2010, Wiesbaden 2009
    • 1st - Challenge Kraichgau 2009
    • 1st - Triathlon Buschhütten 2008-2012