Oakley's Julie Dibens And Terenzo Bozzone Earn Top Resluts At Rev3 In Knoxville


Oakley’s Julie Dibens won the Rev3 Triathlon Series Knoxville event last weekend. Oakley’s Terenzo Bozzone finished second in the men’s event, even with a stand-down for violating the controversial stagger rule. With Dibens win in Knoxville, she remains undefeated in her 2010 racing campaign.

This season Julie Dibens has demonstrated her dominance across all disciplines of the sport, in topping world-class fields at both long-course and short-course racing and this race was no different. She has positioned herself as one of the sport’s greats.

Dibens who is English but also lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado, took home the women’s title by cruising to the win in commanding style over Kiwi Sam Warriner.

“It was definitely cold,” Dibens said. “I decided because it was so cold not to get in and warm up. I probably paid for it a little bit at the start of the swim, but I managed to come out right at the back of the front group. There were four or five of us together, and once I got on the bike I just put my head down and tried to open a gap as soon as I could. The bike was great. . . . I had a pretty substantial lead going out into the run, which was good.”

This win puts Dibens in contention for the $150,000 bonus if she is able win the remaining two series events.

Terenzo Bozzone, despite his stand-down set back, gave his competitors a challenge, passing Chris Lieto and Bjorn Anderson to take second. In his race report Bozzone stated, “So [I was] off the bike on the side of the road for one minute which feels like forever with all of the other athletes passing by. It can be soul destroying and race ruining, but I wasn’t going to let it get to me and kept striving for the perfect race, which very nearly happened, passing Chris Lieto into 2nd with 150m to go. It would have been an exciting race for the spectators without the one minute penalty as I was 45 seconds down on Matt Reed at the finish line.”


Erin Edwards


May 11, 2010