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August 2012

  • Spain’s Javier Gomez Noya Splits Brownlee Brothers With Second Place Finish in London


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Going into the Men’s Triathlon in London, Alistair Brownlee of Great Britain was expected to be the victor before the race even began. His main forms of completion – his younger brother Jonathan and Javier Gomez Noya of Spain. The two Brits and the Spaniard, Gomez, led together virtually the entire race, separating themselves from the rest of the pack during 43km cycle. It wasn’t until the closing section of the run that Alistair was able to kick away from Gomez, eventually claiming the victory. Brownlee finished 11 seconds before Gomez, due to some celebrating on the blue carpet with the hometown fans, before crossing the finish line. After serving a late penalty on the run, younger brother Jonathan came across almost 30 seconds behind the Spaniard for third place.