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July 2011

  • New World Record! Triathlete Marino Vanhoenacker Smashes 14-Year-Old Ironman Record In Austria


    Posted circa 3 anni ago by Andrew De Lara

    Ironman, say hello to a new World Record. Oakley Triathlete Marino Vanhoenacker smashed the 14-year-old Ironman World Record on the lightly extended course at Ironman Austria after narrowly missing the feat last year by a mere 98 seconds. Under intense pressure to nab his sixth Ironman Austria race, Marino powered through to victory and history with media fanfare hyping the record. And it was definitely a resounding performance. He charged out of the water with the first group, took the lead on the bike and extended his monster lead as the event raged on. When it was all said and done at 7:45:58 hours, he clipped Van Lierde’s standing record set in Roth in 1997 by 4:29 minutes.