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Eero Ettala

Tracking Eero

Eero Ettala is all about entertaining. Whether he’s in the streets of Scandinavia or the mountains of Japan or partaking in some oddball antics, it’s all on film and it’s all gold. One of the great snowboarding talents to come out of Finland, Eero is now beyond the competitive portion of his career, opting to cruise the world with friends in search of deep powder and epic urban session locales. His multi-season web series, “Cooking With Gas,” couples his on-air charisma with some serious shredding ...

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  • Tracking Eero: Russia Videos

    Eero Rail Russia

    Posted over 4 years ago by Eero Ettala

    “We ended up going to this old mine town called Kirovsk, but we didn’t really have too much info about the town and even less about the spots we ended up finding. There was so much snow in the city, which really made our trip happen” – Eero Ettala

  • Eero Ettala Wins Slopestyle Gold

    WX_14_Satuday_MM (14 of 42)

    Posted over 4 years ago by Liam Gallagher, EXPN

    Things got going quick at Men’s Slopestyle finals. Eero Ettala dropped hammers right out of the gate. He qualified last in eliminations, so he dropped first today and didn’t waste any time getting down to business.

  • Eero Visits Oakley HQ & FUEL TV


    Posted over 4 years ago by Matt Murray

    Hot off his $24,000 win in Seoul, Korea, Eero Ettala flew over into LAX to do some design work and a media tour. Eero has been super busy this fall with contests, winning the, taking 2nd at the, winning best trick at Air & Style and most recently winning in Seoul. To say the very least Eero was a bit jetlagged when we caught up with him at Oakley headquarters on Monday morning.

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