Oakley Visits Never Never Land


If everyone spent a week of their summer at Mt. Hood, the world really would be a better place. After a day of shredding a perfect park, skating with your heroes, swimming in glacial melt and sleeping in a cabin in the woods, you can’t help but love life. And so, in the name of world peace and global happiness, Oakley sent a crew to High Cascade Snowboard Camp last week, where Gretchen Bleiler and Nicolas Mueller were hosting Signature Session 3.

One of snowboarding’s most versatile and admired riders, Nicolas Mueller is known for his unique ability to work every natural feature-no matter its size or apparent lameness-to his advantage, putting together freakishly creative lines on a regular basis. The HCSC groms went bananas when he shared some coveted advice during a mini-shred clinic in the beginning of the session. Lap after lap, the campers got to experience the Mueller method as they destroyed anything and everything in their way until last chair.

Despite a jam-packed summer of commentating for the summer Olympics, Gretchen took time out for her favorite snowboard camp. A two-time High Cascade Signature Session coach, Gretchen shared her expertise throughout the week in the form of hands-on mini sessions. Campers showed their appreciation in a variety of ways, including targeting her repeatedly during the Oakley dodgeball tournament one evening.

Gretchen sought revenge on Friday evening, when she challenged the campers to a friendly game of soccer. Six vanloads of kids, a box of Oakley sweatbands, three coolers of Capri Suns and two bowls of orange slices convened on a field in Welches. It was on. Despite captain Mueller’s best Beckham efforts, team Yellow Snow was eliminated in the first round. Gretchen’s team made it to the finals, but lost to the underrated Shirts team, whose players each received some Oakley swag. The summer evening went on forever as kids sprawled out on the grass, ate pizza, laughed and told stories. We all felt 10 years old again and loved it.

“It’s a wholesome and productive environment to progress your riding and focus on the sport itself,” says Oakley’s Sports Marketing Manager Liesl Holtz. “The beautiful setting of Mt. Hood provides the perfect atmosphere for a summer camp-a place to escape and focus on the fundamentals. The coaches are great-super patient and helpful. And the pros are always happy to be here, so the kids get to see the very best of them.”

Gretchen and Nico enjoyed the very best in off-hill activities with Oakley’s Grete Eliassen and Kristi Leskinen who, along with Oakley’s Pep Fujas, were up at Hood getting their summer shred on. After sunny days on the glacier, the crew soaked in the Oregon vibe-swimming in the lake, skating with legends like Jack Matroni, Scotty Lago and Danny Davis, jumping into the Punchbowl, barbequing by the river and roasting marshmallows in the bonfire.

Oakley’s new Rolling O Lab was set up at High Cascade’s basecamp in Government Camp. Kids from various camps at Hood lined up each day to tour the truck, learn more about their Oakley goggles and win product. And the Oakley Rider Search grand prize winer, Christian Martin, was at camp courtesy Oakley for his winning video.

On the final night, Oakley set up a private shoot and documented some moonlight mayhem on one of the world’s most perfect pipes.