Burton Snow Jam


Timberline Resort in Mt. Hood, Oregon hosted the 2nd annual Burton Abominable Snow Jam. This contest brings in the best of the best with challenges in quarterpipe, halfpipe, and slopestyle.

The quarter pipe was huge, sitting at about 35-feet with a steep run in. Anne Flore Marxer (Switzerland/Oakley Eyewear) was boosting 10-feet plus while Elena Hight (USA/Oakley Eyewear) and Gretchen Bleiler (USA/Oakley Eyewear) were spinning to win. Anne Flore showed everyone that she has cat-like reflexes and is not afraid to rage a monster quarterpipe. She accidentally got inverted thirteen feet out but stomped the biggest backside three ever done by a women taking second overall. Best trick went to Gretchen Bleiler with a stylish backside five.

The men’s final was also packed full of super-stars. Travis Rice (USA/Oakley Head-to-Toe) was up to his old tricks with a backside seven nose grab McTwist, a frontside 900 lean, and huge straight airs that put him in contention for the biggest air. Chad Otterstrom did a huge 22-foot McTwist taking the highest air and best trick while Nicolas Müller (Switzerland/ Oakley Eyewear) took the overall win with a silky-smooth one-footed McTwist.

Halfpipe was just as exciting as Gretchen Bleiler challenged the ladies and took first and best trick by dropping into a frontside 5 crippler and stomping a frontside 9 and backside 5. Clair Bidez, the young buck out of Colorado, showed the crowd she could hang with the big timers.

Marie-France Roy (Canada/ Oakley Head-to-Toe and our newest addition to the Oakley team) arrived with something to prove and ended up above Alexis Waite and Chanelle Sladics (USA/Oakley Eyewear) with tricks like front board slides on the rails and frontside 720’s on the jumps. Marie France’s frontside 5 truck driver also won her the Sony HDV Camcorder for best trick.

Men’s slopestyle had a super-star lineup, including Travis Rice, Danny Kass, Nicolas Müller, Andreas Wiig, Heikki Sorsa and Wyatt Caldwell Travis walked away with a 3rd place with while Nicolas Müller, also in contention for the Volvo V50 Sportswagon, awed the crowd with his smooth style and multitude of tricks. After taking first in quarterpipe and placing third in halfpipe, Nicolas pulled off a fine 720 Japan and was awarded best trick in slopestyle, allowing him to walk away $12,500 richer with a Sony HDV Camcorder in hand. Not too shabby for a few days of summer snowboarding with friends up at Hood.


1st: Junko Asazuma – $5,000
2nd: Anne-Flore Marxer – Motorola Razr V3 (Oakley Eyewear)
Best Trick (Backside 5): Gretchen Bleiler – Rolex Watch (Oakley Head-to-Toe)
Highest Air: Meg Pugh – Ski Doo Summit Adrenaline 600

1st: Nicolas Müller – $10,000 (Oakley Eyewear)
2nd: Travis Rice – Motorola Razr V3 (Oakley Head-to-Toe)
Best Trick (22 ft. McTwist): Chad Otterstrom – Rolex Watch
Highest Air: Chad Otterstrom – Ski Doo Summit Adrenaline 600

1st: Gretchen Bleiler – $5,000 (Oakley Head-to-Toe)
2nd: Tricia Byrnes – $1,200
3rd: Elena Hight – $675 (Oakley Eyewear)
4th: Claire Bidez – $300 (Oakley Head-to-Toe)
Best Trick (Crippler): Gretchen Bleiler – Macintosh PowerBook G4 (Oakley Head-to-Toe)

1st: Pat Moore – $10,000
2nd: Takaharu Nakai – $5,000
3rd: Nicolas Müller – $2,500 (Oakley Eyewear)
Best Trick (Switch Backside 720): Chad Otterstrom – Macintosh PowerBook G4

1st: Marie-France Roy – $5,000 (Oakley Head-to-Toe)
2nd: Alexis Waite – $1,200
3rd: Chanelle Sladics – $675 (Oakley Eyewear)
Best Trick (Truck-driver 540): Marie-France Roy – Sony HDV Camcorder (Oakley Head-to-Toe)

1st: Andreas Wiig – $10,000
2nd: Wyatt Caldwell – $5,000
3rd: Travis Rice – $2,500 (Oakley Head-to-Toe)
Best Trick (720 Japan): Nicolas Müller – Sony HDV Camcorder (Oakley Eyewear)


Staff Writer


June 19, 2005

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