Eero Ettala Wins Slopestyle Gold

WX_14_Satuday_MM (14 of 42)

Things got going quick at Men’s Slopestyle finals. Eero Ettala dropped hammers right out of the gate. He qualified last in eliminations, so he dropped first today and didn’t waste any time getting down to business.

Dig this jump run: Backside 1080 late cork, double backside rodeo, switch double backflip. It was insane as it sounds. Aaron Biitner was at the bottom of the Slopestyle course and like all the rest of us down in the corral he was blown away by what he was seeing

“I can’t even believe Eero’s first run,” said Biittner. “It was crazy. It was a perfect first run. I’d be surprised if anyone can do a better run than that.”