Eero Goes Big In Japan


Eero Ettala has been scoring on many levels the last few weeks in Japan. Since arriving fresh off the madness that was Red Bull Snowscrapers, Ettala has been shredding the gnar ninja backcountry. Hooking up with reigning TTR World Title Champion Kevin Pearce and slayer of all backcountry goodness Nicolas Muller, Eero has been enjoying his time in Japan filming for his TV Show “Tracking Eero” coming out this fall on FUEL TV.

Taking a break from the backcountry shredding, Eero made his way to a contest that has treated him well over the years – the Toyota Big Air. And did Ettala bring his “A” game or what, throwing a switch double backflip and backside 1080 grabbing stale for 900 of the spin – Eero crushed the competition. The win earned Ettala 2.5 Million Yen or $23,000 USD, plus a car.

Needless to say Eero is stoked and back to crushing the powder with Nico… check back for more on “Tracking Eero” as his travels take him to BC, Austria, France and more.