Jake Blauvelt Soars 9.4 Meters


Jake Blauvelt impressed a lot of people with his riding at The Oakley Arctic Challenge this past week in Oslo, Norway. For a young man who arrived the day before the event and rode with no practice as his bag was lost by the airlines, Jake showed everyone why he is going to be a huge part of the future in snowboarding.

After a sunny first day of the contest on Friday with a world record being set by legend Terje Haakonsen (9.8 meter backside 360), the Superfinals on Saturday were gray and rainy. It seemed like the riders were more focused on executing technical tricks rather than setting a new world record until Jake Blauvelt dropped for his first run of the Superfinal. Blauvelt blasted a monstrous backside 360 almost 9 meters in the air, practically emulating the Legend himself.

When Jake’s third drop came up, anticipation was in the air and before anyone knew it he was blasting a 9.4-meter method air, aiming for the top of the Oakley sword. The crowd, commentators, team managers and competitors all began going absolutely wild and even Terje cracked a smile of surprise.  That’s exactly why Haakonsen invited Jake to be a part of the exclusive invite only second week of The Oakley Arctic Challenge – because Jake can ride everything so well.

“It was fun to be able to boost on a perfect quarterpipe. Not many times do you get the chance, especially in Oslo with Terje at your side. Heli riding with him just north of here this week should be icing on the cake!” stated Jake Blauvelt.

Hailing from Vermont, 21 year old Jake Blauvelt has made a name for himself with his smooth riding style. Whether he’s shredding in the backcountry, park or pipe, Jake puts it down with super clean style. In addition to his footage in THAT, Jake has earned a cover on Snowboarder Magazine’s September issue this season. Keeping it green and clean just like the state he hails from, Jake Blauvelt is the silent killer on the Forum squad, letting his riding do the talking. Focused on filming these days, 2004 was Jake’s big breakout contest year with highlights including wins at the US Open Slopestyle and Best Trick at the Abominable Snow Jam Quarterpipe.

Blauvelt looks to spend the reminder of this season working on several different video parts he has coming out this fall. Make sure to check out Jake’s massive 9.4-meter method presented by clicking here.