Oakley brings professional Snowboarding to China


The Oakley Style Masters breaks new ground and takes professional snowboarding to China! For the 1st time riders from North America, Europe and Asia came together for a monumental session at the Badaling Resort located 1 hour outside of Beijing. China seems to be one of the last frontiers for Snowboarding and shows great potential for growth in the coming years.

7 years ago Terje and Oakley spoke of an event for the riders by the riders … and The Arctic Challenge was born. TAC and Oakley have come together again to open new territory and expand beyond the Arctic Circle. The Chinese had never dreamed what these 12 riders could do on snow. Terje Haakonsen, Peter Line, Nicolas Muller, Travis Rice, Pat Moore, JJ Thomas, Luke Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, Keir Dillon, Danny Davies and Jake Blauvelt brought a special enthusiasm to the Chinese resorts.

Day 1 included a “The Community Project” movie premiere in Beijing, a brisk 2 hour walk through the Forbidden City, and a short bus drive to Badaling. That night the wind was raging and damaged the Quarterpipe scaffolding and transition significantly.

Day 2 was spent at a local resort resembling a castle. The mini shred day was great for the riders to put on a local demo and get warmed up for the QP session. 1 group left for the Great Wall of China and the other group went riding at another local resort.

Day 3 was the critical moment for the event. The QP transition was still not rideable and the riders were getting restless. So the cat drivers built a 15-foot tabletop and Travis Rice proceeded to throw down a 900 and get the crowd pumped up. The session found its way to the resort’s back deck and the riders once again found a way to show the locals how fun snowboarding can be, and how little it takes to do it. Throughout the day and night shapers, riders, and team managers put in shifts at the Quarterpipe getting it ready for the final days session.

Day 4 was our final on snow day in China and the QP was ready for the riders. After an all night shaping session by Terje, Claus, Kurt Heine, Ed Herbold, Vail crew, and the riders. The vision had come to fruition. History was being made and it could have not been made possible without the commitment of everyone on the trip. Once the sun was up and the riders were warmed up on the Chinese QP the tricks started to fly. Nicolas Muller stomping 1 foot mctwists and smooth style, Pat Moore soaring to the 7 meter mark and even reaching 5 meters on a switch method air, Travis Rice choose double grabs, inverts, and backside 720’s for his demo, legends Terje, Kier and Peter Line rode with style, rookies Davis, Blauvelt, Mitrani, and Pearce rode hard and wowed the crowd with doubles runs.

A special thanks go out to Unigate Management, The Arctic Challenge, Oakley Travel, and everyone who helped make the Quarterpipe happen.

Style Masters Video Gallery by Rich Goodwin:
QuicktimeChampions Video (2.4 mb)
QuicktimeMini-Shred Video (5.1 mb)
QuicktimeQuarter-Pipe Video (5.1 mb)
QuicktimeGreat Wall of China Video (4.3 mb)
QuicktimeForbidden City Video (4.9 mb)