Oakley Owns ASJ


I would be a filthy mouthed liar if I was to tell you that the word summer typically brings to the mind visions of hot chocolate and snowboard contests on top of snow covered mountains. That is clearly not true, unless you happen to be a professional snowboarder who just spent the past week up on the glacier in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Timberline Resort in Mt. Hood hosted the Burton Abominable Snow Jam (ASJ), which turned out to be three days of action packed snowboarding. The ASJ brings in most of the worlds best snowboarders because it’s one of the only events that cover the three snowboarding disciplines of quarter-pipe, half-pipe and slopestyle. Oakley’s snowboard team was in attendance, Thermonuclear Protected, and ready to party.

Day one was the Jam Format Quarterpipe event, where all the riders were given an hour to session and show off their well-rounded bag of tricks. After one hour of next level snowboarding, the Quarterpipe was demolished and the judges had made their decision. It was Oakley’s newest member to the eyewear team, Torstein Horgmo, who took 1st place. His jaw literally dropped when they called his name, but reality sunk in very quickly after they handed him his check for ten thousand dollars! The ten thousand dollars was great, but having gotten first place, Torstein was now in the lead for the “overall”. What this means is that if Torstein did well in Halfpipe and Slopestyle over the next two days, he was in the running to win a brand new Volvo. No pressure, right?

Day two was much like day one, except it was overcast and now they were competing in Halfpipe. On second thought, they were totally different days, and had totally different results. With a 22 foot Zaugg cut Halfpipe, an hour of riding for the women and an hour for the men, the heat was on; literally. Gretchen Bleiler opted for a totally new run and it paid off. With big smooth ally-oop frontside 540’s, she was the standout and ended up pulling down first place for the women. It wasn’t as clear for the men. Guys were charging hard, and after all was said and done, it was Halfpipe veteran Danny Kass who claimed first. Kevin Pearce was nipping at Danny’s heels, and took another second place finish. With Kevin’s second place finish from the quarterpipe the day before, and the second in halfpipe, he was now ahead of Torstein in the running for the overall.

Day three was being referred to as judgment day, because it would determine who would be rolling home in style with a brand new Volvo. After a solid three hours of rail-sliding and jumping, the results were in. For the women, Oakley’s head to toe athlete Marie-France Roy was awarded “best trick” with 720 Truck-Driver! For the men, it was the surprised young Norwegian, Torstein Horgmo, who claimed victory. Much like his Viking ancestors before him, Torstein came to Timberline Mt. Hood to do two things – pillage and plunder. The treasures he took home from this snowboarding slaughter-fest were a brand new Volvo and two oversized checks totaling $20,000. Not a bad week.

The Abominable Snow Jam continues to be a great way for snowboarders to spice up their summers and take home some cash and cool prizes. It’s also a great way for up and coming riders to show their moves and break into the spot light. Congratulations to Torstein for getting the overall, Danny Kass for taking first in men’s pipe, Gretchen Bleiler for her first place in women’s pipe and Marie-France Roy for taking best trick in women’s slope! Now go enjoy summer.