The Arctic Challenge: Week 2


The Arctic Challenge (TAC) started out as a pilot project in 1999 and Oakley was there during the inception of the event. Over the years TAC has moved around the Norwegian landscapes, reinvented independent snowboarding with the TTR ranking system, spawned a Chinese pilot project named the Oakley Style Masters, and helped bring Quarterpipe riding to the world.

It has been TAC tradition to mix the competitive snowboarding with free riding, surf, and lifestyle. And this trip was no different. After a long week battling the largest snow storm in 50 years in Oslo, Oakley and TAC headed north to the small fishing village of Nusfjord on the Lofoton Island. The Nusfjord village has 19 residents, most of them commercial fisherman, and the TAC crew was 20 so we doubled the population during our stay.

A select group of riders, photographers, filmers, and crew set off on an adventure above the Arctic Circle. A part of the world most people will never see. Our mission was to bring Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Muller (Rider of the Year), Andy Finch and the QP winner Henning Martinsen (Dragon) to a remote location and document the lifestyle of our sport through their adventures. Three film crews and three photographers were on hand to witness the best weather our TAC lifestyle trip has encountered since 2000.

Terje Haakonsen has been a contracted Oakley snow boarder for over 15 years. A loyal and longstanding friend of the Oakley family, Terje remains our snowboard hero and leader as he continues to ride like a champion. His cat like prowess on a snowboard remains his most recognized trait. And his sport celebrity status in Norway is only a small look at his global impact. He has been wearing CROWBAR goggles on the slopes, RIDDLE sunglasses for the mini shred sessions, and SPIKE sunglasses for chilling off the clock. He has chosen our High Definition Optics® (HDO®) over everything else his entire career.

Nicolas Muller, Snowboarder Magazines 2005 Rider of the Year, was on a mission to ride every possible object in Nusfjord. He is always riding, day and night, having a blast doing it. Nicolas carries a smooth Swiss style and resembles a younger Terje on a snowboard. Having these 2 super stars together was a treat for the crew. Nicolas chooses the WISDOM as his favorite goggle and MONTEFRIO is his sunglasses of choice.

During the trip in Nusfjord with the help of many volunteers, we ate 2 cooked meals a day, surfed clean off shore waves, hiked to the top of the world and snowboarded down, partied with the locals, ate fresh Norwegian Cod medallions, saw northern lights, and pulled off daily photo shoots. We were busy everyday looking for fresh turns and clean waves.

We accomplished our goals and will produce 3 different TV shows to be shown globally, and our editorial and advertising photos are like we have never seen. The sunset shots we have of Terje hand planting on the beach are the best ever! Look for these photos in the fall issues of snowboard magazines around the world.


Staff Writer


March 06, 2006

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