TAC Scores a 9.8 out of 10


This past week in Oslo, Norway many hours of hard work paid off with over half billion people tuning in worldwide to watch Friday and Saturday’s action. With CNN picking up the feed on Friday of Terje’s biggest air and turning into the shot of the day, to 70,000 video downloads in the first hour at Method.TV, to the thousands of spectators in the crowd, including the Royal Prince and Princess of Norway on Saturday, the event was a true success.

Since the first day after the 2006 contest, Oakley and the TAC Team had been working towards recognizing the events weaknesses, developing the proper answers and perfecting the need for “The Transition QP” in pursuit of the 10-meter air. And both Oakley and the TAC Team brought their A Game, by putting on one of the best snowboard contests ever.

Oakley’s branding on sight was truly a sight to behold with the helmet drop in, 12-meter high sword, and numerous banners surrounding the venue, the O’s iconic presence was felt tenfold. In addition, Oakley’s presence in top riding talent was evident from Jacob Koai’s steezy huge airs, Dustin Craven’s 540 crail grabs, Stole Sandbech of Oakley’s Grassroots program stealing the show at the Rookie Contest, to Jake Blauvelt’s 9.4 meter, highest air of the day on Saturday.

Freecaster’s web feed of the event was another successful element of TAC this year with Matty Swanson, Chris Hotell, Ben Fee, Matt Murray and many athlete guest appearances working the mic. Oakley’s North American Grassroots Program was able to deliver two webcast parties in Washington and New Hampshire where hundreds hung out and watched the day’s amazing events unfold. Mark Wakeling will be reporting in this week with the total number of partiers, quotes, photos and more from the Waterville Valley, NH viewing party.

Congrats to Pat Moore for taking home two medals for best trick and third place, Henning Martinson who backed up his win last year with a solid second place showing, Kevin Pearce for taking home the gold helmet medal for huge consistent riding, and finally Terje Haakonsen for breaking the world record the day before at 9.8 meters.

Saturday’s events where followed up by a dinner for all the athletes, sponsors, TAC crew members and anyone who played a part in the contests success. The evening was capped off by Drew Stevenson of Method Magazine, who gave a great speech on TAC, it’s history, the accomplishments this year and then a big thank you to Oakley for understanding TAC’s goals from the beginning and making them come to fruition in 2007.

The now infamous week two, looks to be one another all-time session of backcountry riding, surfing, fishing and general all around good time in Romsdal, Norway. A location Terje himself has not been to since 1989 when he competed in one of his first snowboarding contests in Norway.  Oakley will be reporting back with photos and stories about this epic trip next week, as Terje and friends charge into the Arctic Circle.