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It’s the beginning of December and the snowboarding events are in full swing. The X Trail Event is known for its huge crowds and good features for riding. The event took place inside the Tokyo Dome in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. The event ran over 2 nights with the Quarterpipe on Friday and the Straight Jump on Saturday Night. This is always an amazing event and this year was no different. With a crowd of 40,000 people both at the QP and the Straight Jump, we had a crazy weekend with drama, injuries and sick snowboarding.

Day one at the Quarter Pipe, Heikki Sorsa (Finland) rode like a champ until he landed flat with his knee crashing into his head. Out of balance and not being able to see straight, he was out for the rest of the QP event. Terje Haakonsen (Norway), “the god of snowboard” as the Japanese snowboard fans call him here, stepped up and killed it. He landed a huge McTwist, big front and backside airs, air-to-fakie, switch McTwist and McTwist 720. Terje is the true Quarterpipe master.

Then Nicolas Muller (Switzerland) made his way to the drop in and rode flawlessly like he always does. Recently named Rider of the Year by Snowboarder Magazine, Nicolas can ride any terrain anywhere in the world with his trademark effortless style. Nico rode and had fun while saving some energy for the following night’s straight jump.

After a good night’s sleep Heikki Sorsa was back on his feet again and ready for action. We have never seen anybody ride in a jam session for 30 minutes and landing 11 tricks: IT WAS SICK. The crowd of 40,000 fans was watching the super jumbo tron TV highlights from this world moving performance by Heikki with awe. Here is the most impressive list of tricks landed in the session. FS 720 mute, BS 720 melon, SWBS 720 indy, cab 900 indy, FS 900 tailgrab, BS 540 stalefish, SWBS 180 no grab, straight air, double backflip, FS 540 stalefish. This display of trick wizardry by Heikki should be enough to keep you happy and warm for the entire winter. It was time for three riders to advance to the super finals. The crazy thing about the super final is that these riders have been battling it out for the past hour and are all out of steam. But after a short mini concert break for the fans, riders were summoned back to the top of the Straight Jump.

The super final consisted of Heikki Sorsa, Nicolas Muller and Risto Mattila. A massive fireworks blast alerted the crowd and the riders that it was time for some more action. Heikki did a double backflip melon and BS 1080 melon but couldn’t hold onto a clean landing. Nicolas landed both of his tricks with his contest winning cab 900 japangrab and SWBS 900 tailgrab. Nico rose the roof and gave the Japanese what they came for that night, Sick snowboarding.

Thanks to TAKA and The Oakley team here in Japan for helping out.

Results: (Oakley Athletes in red)

Straight Jump

  • 1st Nicolas Muller, Switzerland
  • 2nd Heikki Sorsa, Finland


  • 1st Terje Haakonsen, Norway
  • 2nd Nicolas Muller, Switzerland


Staff Writer


December 10, 2005

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