Video: The Finals at 2009 TAC


10 years. 10 meters. 10 inches of new snow… it was a big year for the 2009 Oakley Arctic Challenge, celebratory in its scope and shredding wizardry, but not without challenges incurred by inclement weather.

From the debut event in the north of Norway in 1999, to the record breaking airs in Oslo’s Holmenkollen and Midstuen stadiums in 2001 and 2007 respectively. This years event was held at another new venue in the woods of Linderudkollen, Oslo, Norway.

A complete TV program showcasing the 2009 competition and highlights from a decade of Arctic Challenge events is coming this Fall. Stay tuned for more videos and updates.

Check out this edit shot on RED One camera’s. It can be viewed in HD by double clicking the video and activating the HD mode.


Matty Swanson


May 22, 2009