Partying w/ Terje at TAC 2009


The best part of TAC is the fact that being a rider or staff member of the event, one gets to live the life of snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen. TAC is truly about enjoying life as Mr. Haakonsen sees and experiences the world, which is a very special thing indeed. Unlike most contests that are all about, “Flights, Contest Formats and Hotel Rooms,” says Terje. “We want the riders to experience more and stay fresh, whether that is days off skating, playing some football or just enjoying the city they are visiting.”

So for the past two years, Terje and TAC have delivered on what is now infamously called “The Blond Avalanche Party”. Basically it’s the riders, TAC and Oakley Staff (60 people) getting crazy with 300 plus VIP females (who wait for two hours to get into the party), where about 90% of them have blond hair and would all be 10s in your hometown.

Anyway, I will leave it to the bloggers and endemic sites to deliver the goods on what goes down… as this is But I would like to thank the master of photography, Craig Wetherby for letting us post his G10 shots from the nights activities. It’s amazing Craig even had time to snap such photos, but thankfully for you he did.

See you next year “Blond Avalanche Party” at Cosmo.