Day One of TAC - The Perfect Shape


The first day of practice saw powder turns and the past / present / future of snowboarding all come together. Oslo has been receiving significant snowfall for the past month straight and it has not let up. The result has given the new venue at Linderudkollen a warm white glow to its densely wooded forest backdrop.

Very different from last year’s arena layout, Linderudkollen has all the makings for history and a true Norwegian setting. Terje Haakonsen brought out his three year old son Teo to shred with the riders. The poma lift to the top of the drop in has added a nice new element for the riders to get in several more runs in then past years. But first it was all about the mini-shred session along the side of the jump. Mads Johnsson was slaying the side hill with 15 foot mini cliff gap airs, Antti Autti slashing the freshly fallen powder and even the legend Ingmar Backman came out to enjoy the fun.

Once the practice was underway it was obvious that this year’s shape to the quarterpipe was quite special. Looking at the quarterpipe from the side it glowed in the afternoon twilight with not a mark, an almost too perfect shape had been left for the riders to shred. Claus and his crew could not have done a better job, and Terje gave day one a run for its money. Oakley’s Matty Swanson had the Gold Time Bomb in his backpack just in case, as Terje began going six then seven and then eight meters out of the quarterpipe. Haakonsen was gunning for the ten meter mark and the result was the best first day of practice ever.

Things wrapped up with the Oakley welcoming dinner, which also had Jamie Lynn in attendance, adding to the now already growing list of legends at this year’s contest. Today the former highest air champ Heikki Sorsa arrives into Oslo to take part in the 10th anniversary of the first contest by riders for riders.