Women’s Omnium Decided by Fractions of a Second: Sarah Hammer Takes Second


The newest event to the track cycling program, the omnium could be compared to the heptathlon in that it is comprised of six individual events over the course of two days. Riders accumulate points based on their finishing position in each event – the rider with the fewest points overall is crowned the champion.

Heading into the second day of the women’s omnium, two riders were tied with 12 points each: American Sarah Hammer and Laura Trott of Great Britain. There had been a bit of back and forth as various events played to their individual strengths. The world record holder in the 3,000m individual pursuit, Sarah stomped Laura and held a lead of two points heading into the sixth and final event, the 500m time trial.

The stronger sprinter between the two however, was Laura who clocked 35.110 seconds to win the race, exactly three places in front of Sarah (35.900s) – just the spread she needed to knock Sarah into the second position. In the end, Laura finished with 18 points to Sarah’s 19. Finishing in third was, Annette Edmondson of Australia with 24 points.

“First emotions are I wanted that gold medal for sure and I gave it everything I had," said Sarah just moments after competing. “Can’t complain about [second place],” she added. “It’s a surreal moment. I’ve been wanting [this] for a long time.”


Elishia Matta


August 09, 2012