Chinese Women Gong Jinjie and Guo Shuang Place Second in Women’s Track Sprint Cycling Amid DQ


The good news: Gong Jinjie and Guo Shuang of China broke the Track Cycling Team Sprint world record in qualifying Thursday. The bad news: the duo was disqualified from their winning performance in the finals, demoting them to second place. The team showed some impressive riding throughout the event, ultimately landing them in first place. They unfortunately made a pass a bit prematurely, leaving them disqualified from the top spot in the event. This meant the German duo earned the top position while the Chinese were lowered to second and the Australian team placed third.

On a day that saw hometown favorites, Team GB of Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Varnish also disqualified due to an illegal lane change, the Chinese duo looked to be on pace to an easy victory. With the fastest time ever recorded in qualifying (32.447), the Chinese shot out to the winning mark in the finals. As they were enjoying their victory lap however, the race announcer took to the public address system to state that they had been disqualified. The team immediately rushed to the judge’s booth to protest. Unfortunately the challenge was to no avail and they were forced to take the second place finish instead.

It was a dramatic day in the London Velodrome, but in the end, the Chinese pairing placed second in the biggest race of their lives. Frustrated in defeat, but still able to manage a smile during their award ceremony, Guo summed up the team’s feelings in a quote following the news:

“This is a competition, so I don’t want to say anything right now,” Gong said.

The German team who eventually won the race, due to the drama and disqualification, shared their sympathy for the Chinese and British teams as well:

“It wasn’t the way we wanted to win because the Chinese girls had been fantastic,” Welte said.


John Ohail


August 03, 2012