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Sarah Hammer

Track Cycling

Sarah began her cycling career at age eight when introduced to the sport by her father, Cliff. Sarah was a quick study with her first junior national title coming in 1995; the same year that Rebecca Twigg won the last women’s World Championship Track gold medal for the United States. Eleven years later, and twenty national titles later, Sarah put an end to American gold medal drought by taking the win and rainbow World Championship jersey in Bordeaux, France. Sarah has now squarely set her sights on another goal – a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. Burned out from the rigors of competitive cycling, Sarah gave up the sport after just two years as an elite rider. N...

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Recent Track Cycling News

  • American Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit Team Beaten In Final By World Record Time, Canadians Take Third


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    The American Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit Team entered the London Velodrome knowing they were up against some hefty competition, as well as a hopeful home crowd. Their opponents – the hometown favorite, Brits. On their home track, the British women scorched a world record time to top the Americans in the finals. Canada’s female team beat Australia in the third place race.

  • Record Time: British Squad Wins Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit in World’s Quickest Time


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    The British Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit group of Ed Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke and Peter Kennaugh took to the London Velodrome set to square off in the finals with their biggest competition; The Aussies. They not only dominated the entire competition, they beat the Australian team in world record time. It was a day the home crowd would remember for the rest of their lives. The 6000 people packed into the venue rose to their feet to salute their newly crowned champions and world record holders.

  • Chinese Women Gong Jinjie and Guo Shuang Place Second in Women’s Track Sprint Cycling Amid DQ


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    The good news: Gong Jinjie and Guo Shuang of China broke the Track Cycling Team Sprint world record in qualifying Thursday. The bad news: the duo was disqualified from their winning performance in the finals, demoting them to second place. The team showed some impressive riding throughout the event, ultimately landing them in first place. They unfortunately made a pass a bit prematurely, leaving them disqualified from the top spot in the event. This meant the German duo earned the top position while the Chinese were lowered to second and the Australian team placed third.