Victoria Pendleton was recognized by the Times for her outstanding achievement at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships where she became a triple world champion in 2007.

As one of the global Oakley athletes fronting the 2008 Women’s Uniquely Campaign, Pendleton competes in Flak Jacket Rx. Pendleton won the 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medal, where she also broke the 200mTT Olympic Record (10.963). As an Rx athlete since 2002, Pendleton says Oakley optics give her unsurpassed visual clarity during competition and in her everyday life.

Victoria Pendleton

VP QueenVic-017

It’s a real compliment, joining the Uniquely campaign. It’s nice to have people find out who I am and what I’ve achieved. I like the glamorous side of it too - I am still a girl, after all. I love doing sport and competing, but it's a man's world. It's tough being around alpha males who tend to have very strong personalities, so it’s nice to do something feminine for a change. Quite a lot of girls in sport are tomboyish, but I’ve got nothing to prove. I'm just going to be a girl and try my best.

Date of Birth:
September 24, 1980
Bedfordshire, England
Eating out with friends, Shopping, Cooking

Career Highlights

    • 1st- Sprint, World Track Championships, 2007-2010
    • 1st- British National Track Championships, 2007
    • 1st- Team Sprint (with Shanaze Reade), World Track Championships, 2007, 2008
    • Olympic Champion, Beijing, 2008
    • Olympic Record Holder 200mTT (10.963), Beijing, 2008
    • Olympic Champion, London, 2012 - Kerin
    • Olympic Silver Medalist - London, 2012 - Sprint

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