Track Cycling Articles by Date

August 2012

  • American Allison Jones Earns Country’s First Podium Spot In 3000m C1-C3 Pursuit


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    American Allison Jones is no stranger to the pressure of competition at he Games. In her sixth career appearance on the grandest scale in sports, Jones secured the first podium position for the United States in London with her third place finish in the women’s 3000m C1-C3 Pursuit event in the London Velodrome. She defeated German’s Denise Schindler with a time of 4:27.793 in the third place race. This was the sixth podium finish of her career with two first place finishes, three second place finishes and her most recent third place achievement.

  • Men’s Sprint Cycling: Shane Perkins Brings A Third Place Prize From London Down Under


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Australian Sprint Cyclist Shane Perkins added another trophy to his illustrious collection on Monday. Not only is he the world champion in the kerin and team sprint cycling, he now claims a third place victory in London in the Men’s Sprint Cycling competition. The Aussie beat Trinidad’s Nijsane Phillip 2-0 in the third place race. England’s Jason Kenny took top billing as he downed Frenchman Gregory Bauge 2-0. Bauge has previously beaten Perkins in the semi-final round, sending the Aussie into the third place competition against Phillip.

  • Women’s Omnium Decided by Fractions of a Second: Sarah Hammer Takes Second


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    The newest event to the track cycling program, the omnium could be compared to the heptathlon in that it is comprised of six individual events over the course of two days. Riders accumulate points based on their finishing position in each event – the rider with the fewest points overall is crowned the champion.

  • American Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit Team Beaten In Final By World Record Time, Canadians Take Third


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    The American Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit Team entered the London Velodrome knowing they were up against some hefty competition, as well as a hopeful home crowd. Their opponents – the hometown favorite, Brits. On their home track, the British women scorched a world record time to top the Americans in the finals. Canada’s female team beat Australia in the third place race.

  • Record Time: British Squad Wins Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit in World’s Quickest Time


    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    The British Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit group of Ed Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke and Peter Kennaugh took to the London Velodrome set to square off in the finals with their biggest competition; The Aussies. They not only dominated the entire competition, they beat the Australian team in world record time. It was a day the home crowd would remember for the rest of their lives. The 6000 people packed into the venue rose to their feet to salute their newly crowned champions and world record holders.