Terje Haakonsen Exclusive Interview


Timbo Baggins sits down with the living legend for ESPN.com.

Fresh off the finish of The Oakley Arctic Challenge, the Haakon Faktor sat down with ESPN to talk about the event, what went right, what went wrong, as well as a few other topics, like why the Olympics are still wack in his mind and why Terje is for the kids. As always the godfather of shred was more than enlightening.

So TAC is a wrap, how did you feel about the finals this year?

Well, Matt (Ladley) rode really good the whole week, and also today, so it’s a judgment call to say who won. Compared to the final last year when everyone was doing tech tricks at 6 meters plus, it was a little lower this year due to the conditions but I thought some guys handled it pretty well.

On the upside, you just got certification from the mayor of Oslo for the greenness of this event so that’s good right?

Yeah. We always try to make it so that we don’t throw away half the rig after the event is over. We recycle the whole production, we use hybrids or electric cars, and we do little things like printing on both sides of the paper. The food that’s served has always been organic but now this year we have people checking up on us and making sure that we fulfill certain criteria. Now each year they will get more and more strict. You know there are so many concerts and festivals and these things cause a lot of waste, we are one of the few trying to do it differently.

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Timbo Baggins


February 26, 2009