The Oakley Arctic Challenge Announces New Venue, Format, Dates and Details


The Oakley Arctic Challenge (TAC) kicks off in less than one week with the first official practice starting at the arena on Monday, February 16th. It’s been snowing like mad in Oslo, which will add a nice layer to the snowmaking system inside the arena at Linderudkollen.

Linderudkollen is a very intimate setting providing all the necessary facilities: a lift, snow production, trolls and a quarterpipe protected by the dense forest nearby. The beautiful setting reminds many of the Midtstuen events of 2006 & 2007, but with an even better Norwegian backdrop. This year TAC is expecting crowds to max out at 3,000 per day for the contests on Thursday and Saturday.

“For ten years running, Oakley has been supporting Terje and TAC in pushing the progression of snowboarding events,” stated Oakley VP of Global Sports Marketing, Pat McIlvain. “This year will be no exception as we are hoping to break the 10 meter barrier and finally give away the last remaining Gold Time Bomb Watch.”

The TAC quarterpipe is 10.6 meters in height and 21 meters wide with 1,500 cubic meters of snow inside the belly of the beast. The shopping street, which offers food and a variety of retail displays, is located just outside the quarterpipe. The $100,000 USD prize purse awards $35,000 to first place and $12,000 to highest air. On Saturday it will come down to five runs-the rider with the best three runs will win the overall.

Practice will take place Monday through Wednesday and lead into our first contest, the Classic Air on Thursday, February 19th. This year, TAC will dedicate an entire day to the classic straight air session, in hopes that someone will go 10 meters or higher to earn The Gold Oakley Time Bomb Watch (worth an estimated $35,000 USD). Look for Terje Haakonsen, Kevin Pearce, Peetu Pieroinen, Anti Autti and many more to bring the hammers and push for greatness in the Linderudkollen forest.

On Monday we will send out a release announcing the final list of riders for TAC 2009. Additionally, make sure to check out the new and improved website at: and more coverage at


Matt Murray


February 11, 2009