Shaun White: Montefrio


Oakley’s Shaun White got his first ever Summer X-Games Medal on August 5th. Shaun is officially EN FUEGO, aka ON FIRE, and he let that be known in both the X-Games Skateboard Vert Contest and the X-Games Skateboard Vert Best Trick. Shaun earned himself a Silver Medal as well as the respect of everyone watching the event by putting down an amazing second place run in the finals. On top of a great performance in the Vert Finals, Shaun almost landed the first ever Fakie to forward 1080 on a skateboard in the X-Games Best Trick Contest.

Although Shaun is best known for his accomplishments in snowboarding, he is quickly becoming a force to reckon with in skateboarding. With each new skate event, Shaun proves that what ever he does, he takes it to the next level. It’s for that same reason that Oakley teamed up with Shaun and developed the Shaun White signature sunglass called “Montefrio.”

“I came to the company with some ideas and while most companies would have pushed back saying,‘Yeah, thanks… we’ll get back to you,’ Oakley didn’t,” said Shaun White. “They wanted to get inside my head and know all my thoughts, not just the performance angle. I wanted these glasses to be as much style as tech and they nailed the design.” Montefrio is the newest addition to the Oakley Stretch sunglass lineup and can be found exclusively at core snow, skate, and surf shops worldwide.

In addition to the Montefrio, Oakley has also been working with Shaun to develop his own signature A-Frame snow goggle which will release Fall 05 worldwide. Look out for Shaun White in Oakley’s new snowboard film “The Community Project”. Catch “The Community Project” movie trailer at


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August 05, 2005