TCP Urban Rail Jam Sponsorship


On Thursday November 17th, 500 fans packed themselves into the University of Minnesota’s Oak Street Cinema as The Community Project rolled into the heart of Minneapolis. As those at the Premiere were doing their best to keep from falling off the edge of their seats, those attending were outside and across the street in the sub-freezing night as the final touches were being put on the 45 foot Ramp and Step-up Rail that was soon to be put to use.

After the credits quit rolling, the crowed poured out of the theatre and across the street. Trippling in size to over 1500, the mob descended on Stub & Herbs. Normally a college hang out, the 17th of November saw Stub & Herbs be transformed into the site of the Oakley and Red Bull sponsored TCP Urban Rail Jam. This was arguably the most exciting thing to ever happen in Minneapolis since Prince!

Braving the 10 degree cold, with nothing but Red Bull, Vodka and a Community Project induced high to keep them warm, the crowd was held in awe as Oakley HTT athlete Sammy Leubke, Grass Root’s Kids and local shop employees tore apart the custom built Oakley handrail. After two and a half hours of rail, the crowd and judges decided on a three-way tie for first place. Jonus Misholet and Joe Sexton from local Oakley Stretch account Cal Surf along with Dan Breezy from the Youth Shelter Board Shop all received product, drinks and bragging rights for the evening.