Stellar Riding Goes Down at the 12th Canadian Shakedown at Mont Saint-Sauveur


Despite the late-season chilly weather, there was plenty of energy from the massive crowd at Saint-Sauveur to rev the internal engines of the three-dozen athletes on hand for the 12th annual Ride Shakedown weekend. With a Shakedown course that included a Big Air jump and series of flashy rail features, and a jam-session format, along with a separate Coors Light Rail Jam, there was plenty of opportunity for the talented crew to get creative.

Four-time Shakedown champ Seb Toutant was certainly the favorite heading into the weekend, especially after having just recently won Gold in Slopestyle at Euro X Games in Tignes, France. But if we’ve learned anything from snowboarding in recent years, it’s that new talent is constantly seeping onto the scene when we least expect it.

The event got started with another entertaining performance on the rails from Quebec-native Jeremy Cloutier, who is quite familiar with the podium for the Rail Jam. Third in 2010 and 1st in 2011, he was once again the top performer and took home another win.

Highlights from the Coors Light Rail Jam

Though the event was packed-full of happenings for the thousands in attendance – including autograph signings, photo sessions with Oakley Canada riders, a “Halftime Show,” which allowed some under-13 riders to get some time on the rail set-up, and even a skateboard demo – the highlight of the weekend was the RIDE Shakedown. Despite a smallish Big Air jump, Toutant and Maxence Parrot (who won his first X Games medal earlier this year in Aspen) had no reservations about pulling out the big guns, with each guy attempting triple corks – though unsuccessfully. With athlees having to call their three judged runs, and the rule that jumps can’t be repeated, there was some strategy that had to be mixed into the wide-ranging trick repertoire.

Antoine Truchon took the lead on his final run, which included a frontside 1260 double cork on the jump, followed by a boardslide to fakie on the triple flat ramp. Toutant had one last opportunity to add a sixth win, but his triple attempt came up just short, and he had to settle for second.

“I came really close to landing my triple cork. I just sunk a bit too much in the snow,” Toutant explained. “I’m still really pumped – we gave a great show and second place is still nice.”

Charles Reid, who has been recuperating from injury most of the season, finished a respectable 5th.

Highlights from the RIDE Shakedown