Kevin Pearce confirmed for The Oakley Arctic Challenge


Two times TAC-champion and defending TTR (World Pro Tour) champion Kevin Pearce is confirmed for The Oakley Arctic Challenge. The best quarterpipe riders in the world are heading for Norway to celebrate a decade of TAC.

It is soon 10 years since the first 12 riders entered the first TAC event. It was back in 1999, and the competitive snowboard scene was a mess. The International snowboard Federation (ISF) was led into bankruptcy as the IOC gave the Olympic sanctioning to the International Ski Federation (FIS). TAC was one of few rider driven events that kept going, but a lot more were about to see the light of day with the birth of the TTR. Now more than 150 independent snowboard events are on board, making TTR the largest snowboard tour on the planet; offering a true rookie to pro concept.

- I still believe it is important that snowboarders are in charge of snowboarding. TAC is getting bigger, but we still keep the riders on top of the decision chain. To stay in charge we need the best riders at the independent events. Having Kevin back is crucial to us. He is the best quarterpipe rider out there right now and the man to beat, says Terje Haakonsen.

- Terje and the TAC Crew have put on a great event the past two seasons. I get stoked to compete in TAC each year because the event focuses on the riders. It is about showcasing the best snowboarding, providing the sickest venue and chill atmosphere where we can ride and giving local Norwegians an opportunity to enjoy what Terje has built, says Kevin.
Quarterpipe events are growing stronger on the International snowboard scene. Tight arenas and spectacular action is giving crowd and TV-viewers the sports excitement they are looking for. 4 out of 9 TTR 6 star results are quarterpipe results. They will carry a lot of weight towards the TTR title – the champion being crowned at the US Open in March.

The Oakley Arctic Challenge is being held in Oslo, Norway from February 16th to 21st. There will be a classic highest air contest on the 19th and finals on the 21st. TAC is a TTR 6 star event, putting pride in offering the best rider services in snowboarding.



November 28, 2008

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