Eero Scores 1st US Snow Magazine Cover


This is actually a funny story how I ended up getting the cover shot. We were sledding up in Utah and found a cool jump spot. So we built a jump and were supposed to hit it the next day. So the next day we showed up and once we got to the jump we noticed that one member of our crew was missing, turns out he got lost on the way up.

So one of us went to look for him and the rest of us were just hanging at the jumped bored. I asked Heikki to double me up the hill with his sled so I could test how the snow was next to the landing, and told Pasi to snap a photo just for the fun of it. We were pretty happy about the shot and it looked pretty funny cause I wasn’t wearing a beanie, and now it ended up in the cover!

It turned out to be a good day after all!


Eero Ettala


September 07, 2008

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