Oakley Athletes Take 1st in Three out of Four Events at Freestyle.ch


Oakley athletes Take 1st In three out four events at Freestyle.ch held in Zurich, Switzerland.

A grand total of 47,000 visitors, three straight days of awesome weather, kickin’ live concerts and rousing freestyle action transformed Zurich’s Landiwiese this weekend into an unrivaled freestyle arena.

It would be hard to top the incredible contest action, top athletes, excellent sounds of rapper Stress, Phenomden and The Vibes as well as the great atmosphere and perfect weather soaked up by visitors over the past three days at Zurich’s Landiwiese
It was first-things-first as the finalists in snowboarding, freeskiing, FMX biking and skateboarding got things going in Sunday’s finals. Everyone showed up with an impressive bag of tricks and an incredible appetite for landing a spot at the top as they took each other on.

There was a super high standard of next-level snowboarding over the weekend on the Landiwiese, but when all was said and done it was 24-year-old Finn Oakley’s Eero Ettala who stood tallest, stomped hardest and spun cleanest in the super finals to take the 2009 title with a score of 96.50. He earned his «freestyle.champ» title with a Backside 1080 Mute as well as a Switch Double Cork 1080, which he landed for the first time ever, putting his opponent, 17 year old talent Oakley’s Sebastien Toutant in 2nd.

In ski, Oakley’s Sammy Carlson stomped it with very technical and stylish jumps all weekend and took the win.

In FMX, Oakley’s Dany Torres of Spain won and in skateboarding Oakley’s Jurgen Horrwarth placed third.