Day 1 of Snow In Lower Manhattan


So the madness kicked off the moment we landed at JFK and then made our way to the swanky Rivington Hotel in the Lower East Side. The riders that have come out for this event are some heavy hitters, but topping the list on the Oakley side are Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, Torstein Horgmo, Dustin Craven, JJ Thomas and Bjorn Leines.

Yesterday was the first day of practice and media sessions. Starting out first thing for most of the riders was the onslaught of some 300 plus media that have arrived for this event. Around 4pm the riders made their way to check out the jump and meet with more media on snow. By 6:30pm it was time to hit the Oakley “O” Store in SoHo for a poster signing with Terje Haakonsen, Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa.

From the poster signing we went to the Thompson Hotel Penthouse Suite for a media event, where Snowboard Magazine did one of their 2010 Kit Shoots; media made custom Oakley goggles and more interviews / mingling took place. After the shoot it was time for the athletes to eat some food and chat about the format of the contest at the Red Bull Space. Many drinks were slammed and club hopping ensued.

Look for tonight’s event to be one of a kind. In the meantime check out some of the photos from last night, more will be posted in the coming days.