Day 1 of Oakley Week On FUEL TV: Jake Blauvelt and Seth Morrison


Check out the behind scenes footage of Day 1 on-set with Oakley and FUEL TV.

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So in unprecedented fashion Oakley and FUEL TV had a full on outdoor set built by noon on Tuesday in downtown Breckenridge to tape a signature week of The Daily Habit. The set consisted of a main stage with leather bar stools, VIP Lounge presented by Target, Oakley Rolling O Lab with live feeds on five different flat screens and Kicker audio system. Additionally, it was also a classic Breck day with a high of 18 at noon, then add in some wind and radically dropping temps by early afternoon and you have a really dedicated crew.

The chilly first day of filming was for Thursday’s episode of Oakley Week on FUEL TV – January 15th, 2009, entitled “Backcountry Slayers.” The episode starred young ripper and holder of a 9.4-meter method air at The 2007 Oakley Arctic Challenge, Jake Blauvelt and one of the biggest skiers in the history of the sport, Seth Morrison.

Jake Blauvelt hit the stage with a canvas showcasing lightly grey cloud covered skies on Peak 7 at 2pm. Blauvelt always the casually laid back Vermonter talked about filming his stand-out part with Forum and upcoming episode on FUEL TV in Snowboard Diaries. Jake and host of The Daily Habit, Pat Parnell wrapped out for 30 minutes as crowds came by to check out the set, including Stratton Mountain Academy.

At 3pm with the sun beginning to set over Peak 9 behind the Blue River Plaza set, legendary backcountry ripper, Seth Morrison stopped by the set to drop some knowledge. Morrison and Parnell talked about the early days of skiing and how Seth was instrumental in setting many milestones that lead us to what backcountry skiing is today.

The day rapped with Blauvelt joining Morrison and Parnell on stage for a few promo pitches. Jake admitted he had not meet Seth up until that point and stated, “I am stoked to meet him.” Stoked… no doubt, make sure to check out Morrison crushing part in the opener of TGR’s film “Under The Influence”. And while you are at, check out Blauvelt’s part in the Forum movie, the word is he could win “Video Part of Year”.


Matt Murray


December 10, 2008

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