Arctic Open


For 3 days the top rookie riders of Norway took over the Varingskollen snowboard resort of Oslo. And they only had one thing on their mind, winning a ticket to ride at the Oakley Arctic Challenge. The overall winner and highest air would receive a wildcard invitation into the qualifying rounds on Thursday, February 21. The Arctic Open was the last of the Quarterpipe qualifiers held around the world. Big transition riding is alive and well and these rookies did not hold back in this night session. It was evident that after several days of riding these kids were amped to show Terje Haakonsen their skills and go for the elusive invite.

When it was all over Frederick Scuderi walked away with the overall title. And Daniel Josefsen went the biggest with a 7 meter air. Also impressing the judges and Terje was Oakley rider Stole Sandbech who rode with style and control. He received a personal wildcard from Terje by landing big backside airs, clean backside 720’s, and going for a backside 900. Even though he didn’t land the 9 Stale will be one to watch as the rookies try to take over at TAC.

The Oakley Arctic Challenge is being held in Holmenkollen stadium outside of Oslo from Feb 21-23. Stay tuned to for more information or go to for live web casting.


  1. Fredrik Scuderi
  2. Ulrik Badertscher
  3. Daniel Josefsen
  4. Joacim Nyhaugen
  5. Inge Wiig
  6. Ståle Sandbech
  7. Kàri Guttormsen
  8. Len Roald Jørgensen
  9. Simen Neraker
  10. Mats Hofgaard


Matt Swanson


February 18, 2008