Ullr Brings Snow To "Classic Air" Contest


It was the first judged day of the tenth annual The Oakley Arctic Challenge, and characters came from all nooks and crannies to see what was to go bounding from atop the lip-even Ullr, the norse god of snow. That zealous bastard poked his nose into the day’s business from the get go, and made sure speed was an issue for most of the day. It’s nice of him to think that fresh snow was wanted, but it was bad timing. It pretty much groped nuts.

Not a crew to take a cue from anyone except Terje, they fought back with ferocity in attempt to snatch that the Gold Time Bomb from Matty Swanson’s possession, but alas it was not the day. There are buts everywhere, and the virtuous but here is the one that lays ahead on Saturday. If Ullr decides to give these guys a break, you can be sure that watch is going to have a harder time staying bagged up.

The 2007/2008 champion Kevin Pearce showed up last night to give everyone a run for it with his patented perfect McTwists. Haakon took it up some meters with double grabs and his timeless methods. Norse younger brethren Daniel Josefson patched his grill up from yesterday’s tumbling for some of the biggest most stylish backside spins any quarter the world round has seen. Frenchman Arthur Longo went tres malade with flawless methods parfaits. It was Jersey’s Shane “The Poss” Pospisil who said these colors don’t run, they just wait until the last run before they hit the 6.8 meter mark. Although it was 3 meters shy of Terje’s monstrous backside 3 a couple years ago, it was enough to clench the victory today. Shane walked away with the same smile he rode with all practice… maybe this time it’s due to the fact his wallet just got a little bit more obese.

Today was a solid day and a tease for the main event on Saturday. For lots the main event will be tonight. So, whether the journey was made to break world records, show your latest insane trickery, or party one’s face off in the best party zone ever, The Oakley Arctic Challenge is the event where these opportunities may be satiated. We’ll be reporting back pronto, just as long as we don’t run into Ullr or break any world records tonight…